Access to data sources


Saturn does not host data. Saturn runs in a VPC inside your AWS account so that it’s easy for you to connect Saturn to your existing data sources. It’s easy to connect Saturn to any data source you have. Our documentation will grow as we document more examples, but if you need to connect to something that is not listed, please reach out to

There is a general methodology of adding a new data source to saturn. Most of these steps are not necessary, but it depends on each data source.

  • Enable Saturn to connect to the data source. This is usually not necessary. If your data source is not accessible over the internet, we may need help you setup VPC peering. If your data source restricts the IP addresses that can connect, we may need to add Saturn to the IP allow list.
  • Give Saturn users authentication credentials or permissions to connect to the data source. This usually involves configuring access credentials a files or environment variables for users, or setting up proper IAM permissions.
  • Setup python libraries for the data source. Our base data science image has most of the libraries needed, but in some cases you may need to add your own.

Connect to S3

Setting up S3 permissions for Saturn users

Connect to Snowflake

Connecting to Snowflake from Saturn