Projects are the top most organizing structure in Saturn.


Projects offer a place to store code and a workspace in which you can run and change your files. Set up arbitrary start scripts, connect to public or private repositories on GitHub.

Creating a project

Create a project by clicking the “Create Project” button in the top right of the “Projects” page, or by clicking “Create Project” in the sidebar.

While creating a project you’ll choose how much disk space you need, how much RAM/CPU/GPU you want. The Auto Shutoff parameter turns off Jupyter after your browser has disconnected.

Adding collaborators

Add collaborators to your project using the collaborators section on the project details page


Write code, access data and spin up dask clusters from within a Jupyter notebook


Creating and spinning up Dask clusters


Saturn can deploy scheduled data pipelines, models, dashboards, and arbitrary web applications

Version Control

Details of our version control integration