Getting Started

How to sign up for Saturn Cloud and launch a project!

Sign up for Hosted

If you are just taking a look at Saturn, you can easily sign up for a free trial of our hosted product. This way you can dive right in without needing to do any setup or installation.

Get to Work

After logging in, you’ll see the Project page. From this page you can open one of the example projects or create a new project. Let’s look at an example. Click on “examples-cpu” to go to the project details page.

This page shows all parts of the project and allows you to start and stop all the resources associated with the project.

To run through the example notebooks we first need to start up the Jupyter server.

Spinning up the Jupyter Server

Start the Jupyter server by clicking the play button next to “Jupyter Server”. Your Jupyter should be ready in 1-10 minutes. Once it is, click “Jupyter Lab” to read through and run the example notebooks.

All the details on how to execute these notebooks is included in files.

Spinning up Dask Clusters from python

The examples use dask-saturn, a library that comes pre-installed in all Saturn environments. You’ll see that they spin up Dask clusters by executing something like:

from dask_saturn import SaturnCluster
cluster = SaturnCluster()

As you run through the examples you can inspect the Dask diagnostic dashboard to get a sense of how tasks are distributed between workers.


Creating and spinning up Dask clusters

Installing (Enterprise Only)

Sign up for Saturn in the AWS marketplace, and deploy Saturn into your AWS account.

Invite your Team (Enterprise Only)

Inviting your team to Saturn