Creating the Installation Role Yourself

Saturn needs an IAM role to install the necessary components. We can make the role for you, or you can do it yourself. This section details how to create the role yourself.

Creating the IAM Role

After you subscribe to Saturn Cloud in the AWS marketplace, you are sent to the Saturn Cloud installer. The installer needs an IAM Role in order to provision resources into your AWS account, and provide customer support and product updates. The installer can create this role for you with credentials - or, if you’d like, you can create the CloudFormation stack yourself. This article provides instructions for creating the role yourself.

In AWS Console, navigate to the CloudFormation section. Click the “Create Stack” button. From the dropdown, choose the standard option (“With new resources”).

On the next screen, choose “Template is ready” option in the “Prepare template” section. For the template, use the following URL:

Click Next.

On the next screen, give the stack a name of your choice (for example, “Saturn Cloud Access”). The external ID can be found on the installer page. Click “Next”

On the next screen, all fields are optional. Proceed to the next page when you have configured these items as desired.

Review all values on the next page - step back and making corrections if needed. When you’re ready to create the stack, check the checkbox next to “I acknowledge that AWS CloudFormation might create IAM resources with custom names.” Then, click on the “Create stack” button.

Once stack creation is complete, you need to provide the ARN for the created role to the installer in order to continue with the deployment. You may find this info on the “Outputs” tab in the AWS console. The ARN is the string that starts with “arn:aws:iam” in the “Value” column, as shown below.