This folder contains drafts of new documentation, which we are organizing into the below categories.

Most sections are still in development, but the state of each is available on Notion.

All files should be in .md format unless otherwise noted.

  • Setup: A special section meant to be a welcome and introductory space, with technical documents only relevant to new users getting started.
  • Article: Mostly text, a discussion of a concept or big idea that is relevant/important to our users successfully using the product
  • Tutorial: A combination of text and code that walks the user through a particular task they may want to do. Goes into some detail explaining the process.
  • Example: Mainly code, an example of a project or workflow that a customer may want to see and adapt to their own use case. Offers a complete, but not excessively detailed end to end script for the project. Should be possible to run on Saturn platform as written.
  • Blog Posts: Material previously posted on Saturn Cloud blog, reformatted to markdown for posting.
  • Reference: Special section for non-narrative items, such as glossaries, APIs, and release notes.

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