Tips and Tricks

Quick tips to keep you running smoothly on Saturn.

Bokeh Dashboards

How to deploy a bokeh dashboard.

Dask Dashboard with Local Clusters

How to access the Dask Dashboard for local clusters

SSH, PyCharm, and VS Code

Saturn provides SSH access into Jupyter instances, which means you can also connect PyCharm and VS Code

Voila Dashboards

How to turn a notebook into a web application using Voila

IP allow lists

Some data sources use IP allow lists as a security measure. This section helps you add Saturn’s IP to those lists.

Managing Dask Resources for Machine Learning Training

Machine Learning training workflows on data stored in Dask Collections can be sped up by changing the size and settings of the Dask cluster, and by changing the way that data are stored in the cluster.

High Performance and GPU Computing

How to spin up instances with GPUs and add packages

Do I Have to Use Jupyter?

Not at all. You can work with Saturn Dask clusters from your Laptop, or connect to Saturn from VSCode or PyCharm via SSH

Using Dask Outside of Saturn

Saturn manages Dask clusters that can be accessed securely outside of Saturn