Using Saturn Cloud

Use the powerful functionality of Saturn Cloud for your hosted or enterprise data science

Create a Dask Cluster

Use Dask clusters to scale up data science and machine learning tasks in Saturn Cloud

Connect Saturn Cloud to Your Data

Connect data sources such as Snowflake and S3 to your Saturn Cloud account

Connecting to Saturn Cloud Externally

Connect to Jupyter and Dask resources from locations outside of Saturn Cloud

Credentials, Images, and Repositories

Manage secret credentials, Git repositories, and workspace images

Create and Use Deployments and Jobs

Saturn can deploy scheduled data pipelines, models, dashboards, and arbitrary web applications

IP Allow Lists

Some data sources use IP allow lists as a security measure. This section helps you add Saturn’s IP to those lists.

Enterprise-Specific Information

There are some special features and details for our Enterprise account users only, which we explain in this section.