Publish your work

Saturn users publish code, and notebooks along with runtime environments, so that work is instantly runnable. Software developers have been commenting and revising code on GitHub for years. We bring those capabilities to Jupyter notebooks, and data science workflows.

Automatic Reproducibility

We automatically snapshot every project with git. Along with versioned data in Google Cloud Storage, you can always roll back to last weeks results. Versioning is transparent, so users don't have to think about it until they want to roll back.

Dashboards Galore

Saturn makes it easy to publish Plotly, Bokeh dashboards, as well as dashboards built directly with Jupyter widgets. Saturn integrates with Tableau, and other business intelligence tools so you can communicate effectively with decision makers in your organization.

Enterprise DevOps

Saturn is installed directly into your Google Cloud Platform account via a shared service account. Environments managed by Saturn run inside your VPC so data scientists have access to all the data they need. Data Scientists can work effectively with scalable resources wihtout having to understand Google Cloud Platform or Docker. We support custom templates for per user access credentials so everyone has access to what they're supposed to.