Collaboration in Saturn Cloud

Publish notebooks and easily collaborate on cloud-hosted Jupyter

Data teams can collaborate throughout an entire project lifecycle


Custom Environments

Build custom environments with Docker and share projects and templates across your team.


Version Control

Document changes to the code base as well as reproduce prior versions of a dashboard or model.

Local Resource

Cloud-Hosted Jupyter

Publish notebooks to share analyses with other stakeholders, from business analysts to corporate executives.

Product Elements

Saturn’s Git integration and intuitive GUI enables users to invite collaborators and rapidly iterate on projects

Git Tools

Saturn provides Git tools integrated with Jupyter. We automatically snapshot your project so that users can easily role back to previous work. Saturn provides a Git diff and merge tool that seamlessly integrates viewing and merging Code and Notebooks.

Simplified Workflow

Saturn Git tools promote a simple workflow. Users work in users branches that are always synchronized with the server. Users can use the GUI to push from their user branch into master, or pull from master into their user branch. Pull request based workflows are coming in the future.

Invite Collaborators

Every Saturn project is allocated a Git repository. Saturn users can invite collaborators to work on their project. Collaborators get access to the same hardware and image specs, as well as read/write access to the underlying git repository backing the project.

Supported Libraries

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