Exploring An E-Commerce Dataset

E-Commerce Dataset


Saturn Cloud seeks to consolidate rather than complicate the current web of offerings that the data science industry requires. These range from mainstays like SQL and Python to a slew of machine learning libraries like scikit-learn as well as open-source libraries such as the advanced models produced by HuggingFace. Saturn allows users to host Jupyter Labs on local machines or AWS instances with more cloud providers planned to be added later. 

Cloud-Hosted Jupyter

Users can host Jupyter Labs on local machines or AWS instances (with more cloud providers planned to be added later).

Accessible environment

It is easy to maintain consistent, readable code by staying in one language, Python, for the entirety of the notebook. The code may appear straightforward, due to the platform's accessible environment for large-scale data science work.

Expedited Computation with Dask

A lot of the system infrastructure is already set in place by the Saturn Cloud platform, which helps to cut out a lot of the minutiae that accompany preparing containerized environments using services like Docker and Kubernetes.

Upload flexibility

It is very simple to use the Jupyter Lab interface to upload files to the cloud instance. If a user requires greater flexibility, it is simple to access the Python console within the Lab in order to use command line functions.

"I'm a Data Reporting Analyst that primarily works with subscriber data. My biggest concerns typically involve the transformation of raw transactional data into actionable insights through the use of well-defined metrics and strong visualizations. It is immediately apparent that I have gained a great amount of computational speed by using Saturn Cloud’s built-in Dask implementation, and we have not even gotten to the more complicated aggregations and analyses! Saturn Cloud’s true power lies in its implementation of Dask as a well-integrated framework for distributing computational loads across preset clusters."
Dan Roth
Dan Roth
Data Reporting Analyst, New York Times

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