Data scientists, tune into CTO / Co-Founder of Saturn Cloud, Hugo Shi, speak with Kate Strachnyi, the Founder of Story by Data on what’s in store for data science.

During the interview, discover some key questions answered like:

– Pandas, NumPy, and Dask. Where should I start?
– Where is automation in data science heading? And where is it not?
– What can be done to support data scientists in their roles?
– How can Saturn Cloud help make data scientist teams more self-sufficient?

Before starting Saturn Cloud in 2019, Shi was a Co-Founder of Anaconda. He has over a decade of experience in the space — initially, working as a data scientist in the financial services sector and then building tools designed for data scientists. (His wealth of experience makes him a subject matter expert in understanding what data scientists need in their organizations to maximize their impact.)

Strachnyi founded Story by Data in 2016, an organization dedicated to building a data community.  She’s a LinkedIn Top Voice in Data Science & Analytics and the author of several books on data science including Journey to Data Scientist and The Disruptors: Data Science Leaders. Strachnyi also runs trainings on data visualization and Tableau and provides social media content strategy for companies focusing on data science and advanced analytics.

By: Megan Moore

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