Welcome to Saturn! After logging in, you’ll see the Jupyter page of the dashboard.

Spinning Up


Choose a name, how much disk space you need, how much ram/cpu/gpu you want and hit Create. The autoshutoff parameter turns off Jupyter after your browser has disconnected. Depending on cluster resources, Your Jupyter instance should be ready in 1-10 minutes.

Managing Jupyter

On the Jupyter page we display all Jupyters that you have. There are links here that will take you to your Jupyter Notebook, as well as your Jupyter Lab.


The dash has a few buttons, from left to right, Trash, Stop, Edit, and Play. Play starts Jupyter, Stop stops Jupyter. Trash icon deletes jupyter (this also deletes all data that you have stored on the machines SSD).

Editing Jupyter Parameters

After you’ve created a Jupyter, you might want to modify it. You can do this by clicking the edit button.

You can change the auto shutoff policy, the size of the node, as well as the build configuration. For more information on building Jupyter environments, please review the documentation on Jupyter environments