Publishing allows you to share your code, notebooks, dashboards, and data with your peers, or the entire world. Published content can be unlisted or public. Unlisted notebooks are hidden from search engines and your homepage, but visible to anyone who has the link. Public notebooks will be listed on your profile, and visible to search engines.

Step 1. Create some content

Create a directory, and add some python code or notebooks to it. We recommend you use JupyterLab, rather than the notebook, it makes it easier to do things like work with files and create directories. You can access JuptyerLab here, after you’ve started a server


In JupyterLab, it’s easy to create a folder.


Afterwards, you can rename it to whatever you would like


Alternatively, you can grab your notebooks from GitHub. For the rest of these instructions, I’ll be grabbing @jakevdp notebooks on a Whirlwind Tour of Python

Step 2. Publish the content

Open a terminal in Jupyter Lab


In that terminal, execute the following command:

$ publish ~/notebooks

After you finish, you should see the notebooks you published appear on the left, if you reload this page

imageClick on this link to finish publishing

Step 3. Finish Publishing

When you click on the name of your published notebooks, You can configure how it gets published.

imageHere you can edit the title, description, whether the notebooks should be secret, and whether you will allow others to execute your notebook. Non-enterprise users will be charged for associated compute costs.

If notebooks aren’t secret, they’ll be listed in your gallery, and they’ll have easy to remember URLs. If your notebooks are secret, they won’t be listed in your gallery, but anyone who has a link to the notebooks can view them. The link will look something like

There is also a link here, so you can access the public view of your notebooks


Published notebooks, look like this!


If you’ve selected to allow others to run your notebook on your behalf. the “Run in Saturn” Button will appear. Clicking on that button, takes viewers to a live running copy of your notebooks!