energy and utilities

Industrial data scientists can work at scale and deploy Dask clusters with a single click. Leverage necessary development tools, rapid model iterating, training, deployment, collaboration, sharing and updating models with version control, and more.

The power sector is undergoing a transformation; there are new distribution models, shifts in supply and demand, and new energy types. Discover how to stay ahead of the curve with new innovations in data science.

Energy and Utilities

Scale & Deploy

From containerization scripting to the complicated steps required to stand up instances on a cloud providers’ platform -- are all handled by Saturn Cloud.

Energy and Utilities

Process Larger Datasets

Process large industrial datasets like unstructured work order text to structured timeseries sensor data in a matter of hours instead of weeks.

Energy and Utilities

Clear Model Translation

Because Saturn runs notebooks within Docker images-- model translation to production is much more straightforward. A data science lead can ensure the entire team is creating models against the same packages/package versions, then use Saturn’s Custom Deployment tool to deploy models into production.

Energy and Utilities

Workflow With Prefect

Saturn’s images preloaded with Prefect enable continuous workflow orchestration i.e. productionalized models can be automatically retrained/deployed through whatever steps you specify via Prefect.

Energy and Utilities

NLP and Failure Prediction Solutions

Train models against an entire fleet of industrial assets, deploy models to production, receive feedback, and iteratively improve on models.

Energy and Utilities

Deployment Transparency

End-to-end visibility from feature engineering to production deployment (handled by Saturn’s Prefect integration).

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