An end-to-end platform for data science teams

Join thousands of data scientists creating faster and more scalable Python projects with Dask, GPUs, and more in Saturn Cloud
All-In-One Interface

Fully integrated, cloud-hosted platform for easier and more scalable tools for you and your team.

We bring an end-to-end infrastructure for data science teams to work more efficiently. Saturn Cloud makes Python data science accessible with scalable computing resources and production deployments, all in the cloud.
Run hosted notebooks on CPUs or T4 and V100 GPUs, including managed Dask clusters for parallelizing code for faster models. Scale up and down and scale across GPUs. Share work and dashboards. Productionize workflows.

A Platform for all Data Scientists:

Working on local machines?

Saturn Cloud offers an easy path to moving to the cloud with no cost, setup, or infrastructure work.

Using other major cloud-hosted services?

Saturn Cloud is unique in that it offers instant access plus multi-node multi-cluster computing tools.

Access your favorite Python libraries

Saturn Cloud makes it easy to use tools such as PyTorch, LightGBM, RAPIDS, and many other Python data science libraries.

Enterprise solutions

Saturn Cloud offers solutions for enterprise, including Hosted Pro and VPC deployments on AWS and other cloud providers.

How it works

Start on the Hosted Free plan and jump into Jupyter and Dask right away, including the use of GPUs. You can also upgrade to the Pro plan anytime by clicking 'Billing' in your dashboard. This unlocks other instance types and is pay-as-you-go.

Your account starts out on the Hosted Free plan

Get 10 hours of Jupyter and 3 hours of Dask per month (including GPU)

Deploy dashboards