Meaningful Healthcare Data Analytics with Patient-Focused Solutions

The challenges that healthcare data scientists face are unique, but not impossible to solve. Advance patient care with the power of big data and deep learning technologies.

Leverage stable solutions in patient care to save time and costs with faster data science and machine learning, powered by end-to-end data science in Python.

Saturn Cloud

Analyze Larger Data Sets

Leverage Dask to prepare large data sets in an easy and efficient way. Healthcare data scientists can now complete processes within seconds that used to take hours, saving precious time in an ever-changing environment where requirements are variable.

Saturn Cloud

Flexible Environment & Collaboration

Leverage Python in a flexible, reusable cloud environment to quickly ramp-up development and work in a more cohesive and organized development environment. Saturn Cloud also automates version control, so code can be updated by multiple team members with documented history of changes without burdening data scientists with documentation tasks.

Saturn Cloud

Manage Legacy System Complexities

Saturn Cloud deploys in your existing cloud instance, so the need to build an ETL process and migrate yet another set of data can be eliminated.

“It was really remarkable to see how using Saturn enhanced our entire process. Not only was it easier and faster to generate analyses on larger sets of data, but it allowed our team to generate better results for the research, and that’s the most important thing.”

Data Scientist at Global Healthcare System

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