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Scalable Python For Faster Data Science

Data science teams can leverage cloud-based Dask to easily scale from single to multiple machines, optimize memory, and compute usage to maximize local resources.

From a Single Platform, Data Scientists Can Leverage:

Saturn Cloud deploys in your cloud so there’s no need to migrate your data. Use the whole Python ecosystem via Jupyter.
Easily build environments and import packages (Pandas, NumPy, SciPy, etc)
Publish notebooks and easily collaborate on cloud-hosted Jupyter

Parallel Computing

Scalable Dask from laptop to server to cluster

Workflow With Prefect

Schedule and monitor workflows that execute in parallel across your cluster with Prefect

Supported Libraries

Pricing Information

The pricing below is for Saturn Cloud software only. It does not include the pricing for any required AWS resources.
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CPU Instances


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T4 GPU Instances


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V100 GPU Instances


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