Saturn Cloud Announces Integration with Prefect

June 12, 2020

Saturn Cloud Announces Integration with Prefect

June 12, 2020

Saturn Cloud has announced an integration with Prefect, a workflow management system that enables scheduling and automatic execution of data science and machine learning workflows. Through native integration and go-to-market alignment, the cloud companies will help customers manage increasing data loads and meet the demand for higher-performance data science and machine learning.

Saturn Cloud offers an end-to-end analytics platform, all in Python. This includes enterprise Dask, which allows organizations to scale out Python and dramatically reduce runtime. The cloud platform also includes a suite of collaboration tools, model deployment capabilities, and tools for the machine learning lifecycle.

Prefect provides a new workflow orchestration framework that eliminates manual effort on the part of developers and data scientists. The platform transforms code into a robust, distributed pipeline. Prefect’s open-source library was designed with Dask in mind, resulting in an integration that creates a seamless experience for customers. This makes a first-in-class analytics platform in Python available with next-generation workflow orchestration tools.

“We have seen incredible demand for workflow orchestration tools from our customers,” says Sebastian Metti, co-founder of Saturn Cloud. “Across dozens of industries, we are hearing how automating data science workflows is enabling more efficient teams and better experiences for their end customers.” Hugo Shi, co-founder of Saturn Cloud and previously founder of Anaconda, comments, “At the same time, Python is soaring in use and rapidly dominating the data science landscape — so adopting a suite of Python-native tools for analytics and automation makes sense for most data teams.”

Jeremiah Lowin, founder of Prefect, has been using Dask for years. “Dask has been a breakthrough for Python users, particularly those working with a lot of data. Saturn is bringing big data capabilities to the rapidly growing base of Python developers and we’re thrilled to see this integration and provide our workflow engine to their customers.”

About Saturn Cloud

Saturn Cloud is a data science platform complete with tools for seamless collaboration, data visualization, dashboarding, and model deployment. With Saturn Cloud, data teams focus on data, not dev ops.

About Prefect

Prefect is a new workflow management system, designed for modern infrastructure and powered by the open-source Prefect Core workflow engine. Users organize Tasks into Flows, and Prefect takes care of the rest.

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