Deploy, manage, and scale the PyData stack
with cloud-hosted Jupyter

Easy Setup

Run your Jupyter notebook on a VM inside AWS without any DevOps

Custom Environments

Specify a conda environment, requirements.txt, or docker image to standardize environments across all teammates

1-Click Notebook Sharing

Share your Juypter Notebooks with teammates using links

Distributed Computing

Deploy a Dask cluster with just one click

Automated Version Control

Collaborate without worry — automated version control integrated into Jupyter allows you to recover previous versions and reproduce prior work

Jupyter on GPUs

If you want faster runtime, spin up as many GPUs as you need in just one click

Best Practices For Jupyter Notebooks

When it comes to data science solutions, there’s always a need for fast prototyping. Enter Jupyter Notebooks and our best practices for using them.

Launch Jupyter on GPUs

Turn hours of runtime into seconds with GPU-enabled instances in Saturn Cloud