Managed Cloud Service

Scaling large data science projects so enterprise teams can focus on analytics

Saturn Cloud provides secure and scalable infrastructure for running data science and machine learning workloads within your AWS environment


How it works

The data platform runs as an application inside Kubernetes leveraging AWS services such as:



Elastic Compute Cloud



Identity and Access Management

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Virtual Private Cloud

Setup your data platform in less than 10 minutes


Saturn installs in your cloud environment and runs as an application inside Kubernetes. Saturn leverages AWS services such as EC2, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC).


Saturn connects to existing storage services, real time data sources, and management tools. While Saturn is compatible with the full AWS ecosystem, you maintain full control around user access to the various data sources within your environment.


Saturn automates the DevOps and ML infrastructure engineering required to scale the full Python ecosystem. Develop Data Science and Machine Learning models in custom Jupyter environments that can leverage both CPU and GPU hardware.


With Saturn you can run models on a cluster with Dask and Kubernetes to auto-scale resources, and schedule tasks that launch asynchronously and can run in parallel with Prefect. You can deploy models as REST APIs on Saturn or as part of a separate application.


Creating a Project in Saturn

Collaboration in Saturn

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