Saturn Cloud

Run Machine Learning 100x Faster on Saturn Cloud Hosted

Get started in 30 seconds. Ideal for individuals, students, and small teams.

Data scientists can work at scale using the tools they know best:

Python, Jupyter, and Dask

Scale Python Using Dask

Data scientists can jump into hosted Notebooks and write Python as they normally would, then scale up to Dask clusters with just 1-click.

Share Custom Environments

Saturn users can customize and share docker images by providing environment.yml, requirements.txt, or a bash script without knowing docker.

Deploy into Production

Once something is working, Saturn turns it into a kubernetes production deployment. These can be dashboards, machine learning models, or scheduled workflows with Prefect.

Reproducible Data Science

All of this runs with the same environment, eliminating the “well it works on my computer” problem.

The Power of Dask

DataFrames for Big Data

Dask DataFrames are just like Pandas DataFrames, except the data and computation are sharded on a cluster of machines.

Executing Functions on a Cluster

Dask Delayed is a decorator you can apply to any function.   Delayed functions can be chaiend together, and executed in parallel on a cluster. As long as you can write functions, we can parallelize your code.

Scale up to GPUs

GPUs are much faster than CPUs but traditionally they have been very hard to program.  With RAPIDS and Numba, leveraging GPUs is easy.  Combine that with Dask, and you can execute on multiple GPUs in parallel.


How does Hosted work?

Our Hosted plan includes all the power of Saturn Enterprise, located in our dedicated AWS account:

  • Your account starts out limited to $5 per hour of compute and 100 GB of disk space.  Please contact if you need to increase this limit.

  • You have a 7 day trial with $20 in credits. After 7 days or $20, you will be prompted to enter a payment method to continue using the platform.

  • You’ll be automatically billed every time you hit $20. Please contact and we can increase this interval.

Pricing Information

The pricing below is for Saturn Cloud software only. It does not include the pricing for any required AWS resources.
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