I'm excited to start moving some of my local projects onto Saturn Cloud's AWS because I used to worry about having my data in their public cloud, but now know I have the privacy and security of my own VPC + can use Dask easily for the projects with larger datasets.

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I'm a data scientist working with a team of marine chemists on a series of peer review journal articles. Saturn Cloud made getting them set up and going a snap. We now have computational power equivalent to what I have used at a Fortune 50 company at a tiny fraction of the cost, and with a much faster time to get up and going.

AWS Marketplace Review

Dask has helped my team speed up experimentation and iteration by finishing data preprocessing tasks that used to take hours in a matter of seconds. Saturn maintains a Dask cluster so we don't have to, which frees up time for real data science. It's a huge value add.

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Director of Data Science
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Random Forest on GPUs: 2000x Faster than Apache Spark

We trained a random forest model using 300 million instances: Spark took 37 minutes on a 20-node CPU cluster, whereas RAPIDS took 1 second on a 20-node GPU cluster. That’s over 2000x faster with GPUs.

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