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Version Control

Workflow Automation

Parallel Computing

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DevOps for Data Science

Standardize environments across your entire team. Specify a conda environment.yaml, requirements.txt or docker image, and we’ll make sure everyone can use it. These environments can be used with Jupyter, Spark and Dask with a single click.

Dev Ops for Data Science
Saturn Cloud Use Cases

Reproducible Data Science

Saturn automates version control so data scientists never forget to commit. If you’re using a versioned data stores like S3 we manage data versioning alongside code versioning, so the science is always reproducible.

Control Costs

Specify cloud cost quotas by individual or team. Alerts and spending limits ensure that you never go over budget, and you always know who is utilizing your resources.

Control Costs

Pricing Information

The pricing below is for Saturn Cloud software only.
It does not include the pricing for any required AWS resources.

Saturn Cloud
Units Cost
1 GB of ram/hr on non-GPU instances $0.005 / unit
T4 GPU instances $0.01 / unit
V100 GPU instances $0.02 / unit
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